LocationNew York City

EducationNYIT, Magna Cum Laude

OccupationDirector, Editor, Cinematographer, Writer

Motivation: I’m fascinated by chaos, and I thrive off of it.  I find beauty in the unlooked aspects of life & try to do things that haven’t been done before.  Obsessed with vintage tones and the smell of film, faded colors and the forgotten corners of the world.

I was born into a hard-working family where creativity, humor, and a sense of exploration were praised. Now, I make my living creating art that is inspired by all of the various people and places that I’ve experienced.

I write, edit, and shoot life as I see it...

strange, beautiful, and constantly changing.

- J.A.

PAST CLIENTS: Google, Bing, Nike, Coca-Cola, MTV, Microsoft, Lionsgate, Kate Spade, Banana Republic, Christian Lacroix, Ford

SHOT INTERVIEWS W/: Amy Winehouse, Kanye West, Al Gore

Rick Ross, Apolo Ohno, Common, Kobe Bryant, Chris Brown